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15.03.2018 Off

Pokemon coming to the App Store

The mammoth Japanese franchise is well known internationally for its insanely popular cartoons, games and literally tons of merchandise.

It has come to our attention that in a slightly strange move, The Pokemon Company, in association with Nintendo are developing a rhythm based tapping game called “Pokemon Say Tap?”, based on the popular franchise.

While details are still sketchy at the moment, apparently the player will have to tap trading cards containing popular pokemon to the theme song’s rhythm.

What’s strange about this decision is that apparently this game is going to be free at least at launch, which is a little bit strange given the animosity between the 3DS market and the iDevice market.

The Incredible Machine gets an incredible update.

Ok, so maybe the update isn’t quite as incredible as I may have made it sound. But the recent update to this well-established franchise, besides offering 15 more levels, also allows the player to play the original 1992 PC version.

The Incredible Machine was one of the first physics based puzzle games on the PC, that brought not just a ton of fun as well as inordinate amounts of frustration, but also a great sense of satisfaction upon completion of each and every level. Left with pretty much no tips, the player has to choose from a large selection of shapes and objects (many of which have a certain function such as to bounce things off them), the player must get from point A to point B.

The iPhone version of the game is definitely no less enticing, and with this new update, it is even more attractive as a purchase. This is without a doubt a mandatory buy for any serious physics puzzle fan.

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