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App Updates

10.03.2018 Off

EA acquires PopCap

PopCap, the developer of the famous Plants vs. Zombies games, as well as Peggle, are to be bought by the gaming industry titan EA Games.

Many gamers of all kinds have had it in for EA for a long time. In their view, the gaming magnate tends to “break” games through rushing development, ignoring creative decisions in favor of more “popular” choices, or simply dumping a game once the cash cow has been milked sufficiently.

As such, there is a fear among fans of PopCap that this move was not a wise one, and that it might in fact prove to be counter productive for the small developer.

EA’s CEO John Riccitiello has calmed the waters somewhat by stating that they intend to have a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” attitude, allowing the developing studio to continue as it has so far, except with the added financial might and resources that EA can provide.

Snuggle Truck update 1.5 will feature player generated levels

Snuggle Truck (the revised title for the fun game originally known as Smuggle Truck before launch) is soon receiving it’s newest update, Update 1.5.

This update is said to feature such elements as custom created levels, as well as the ability to share the levels that you create with friends. These additions are obviously going to be extremely popular (and they’ve got us giddy as well), and it seems that Snuggle Truck just keeps getting better.

With this update, you will be able to access the “Level Portal”, a conglomeration of all custom created levels, that not only saves your own scores on levels you’ve previously downloaded, but also shows the newest additions to the portals (newly submitted custom created levels), as well as the most popular ones.

As if the game wasn’t immensely fun already, this update promises to make Snuggle Truck an absolute must-have. The update is still in beta, but to quench your thirst, here is the video from the developers themselves discussing the new features.