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Apple sales going better than ever

According to a study conducted by Piper Jaffray and posted on CNN Money, sales on the App Store are going better than ever. Despite an increase in app prices of around 14%, your average iDevice owner is buying 61% more and more apps each year.

The App Store features over 425.000 apps, nearly double amount of apps found in the Android Market. And while Google announced in May that it had reached its 4.5billionth app sale, Apple have stated earlier this month (July 7th) that they have just sold their 15 billionth app.

That’s quite a bit of a difference, and there is no foreseeable decrease in the volume of sales on the App Store, with more and more pouring in each day.

Apple changes app prices for several countries

Apple has apparently taken an interest in the global monetary unit shifts, and as such has adjusted the prices of the apps and games found on the App Store accordingly.

As such, UK residents woke up yesterday finding completely new prices for the apps they wanted to purchase. Now you may think that perhaps a change from 59p to 69p isn’t a big deal, and you’d be absolutely right. However, the price changes were not uniform across the board, and as such you will find cases of increases of £1.5 even. Our colleagues at PocketGamer have compiled a list of the UK price increases.

Mexico and Norway have also experienced price increases, and we’re wondering if more such changes are to come.

Meanwhile, residents of the land down under (yes, Australia) have found that their App Store prices have dropped, as have residents of Japan and Switzerland. MacRumors have compiled a list of some of these changes:

UK: £0.59 → £0.69

Australia: AU$1.19 → AU$0.99

Japan: 115 → 85 Yen

Mexico: $10 → $12

Switzerland: 1.10Fr → 1.00Fr

Norway: 6.00Kr → 7.00Kr

If you’re from a country that has experienced changes in their app prices, please leave a comment with your thoughts on this move by Apple.