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Be careful about Zero-Day Exploit

As the zero day exploit will be released soon, we want to remind all Runescape players to be very careful about the zero day exploit in Java 7. This is a quick reminder that everyone should keep your cheap rs accounts safe. And all players should be quite careful about the websites that you visit and never trust any upgrading to Java 7 until the exploit is patched by Runescape official website. If you feel your PC is in danger, you should not continue to play Runescape until you have succeed handling with all risks in your computer. Moreover, when you visit untrustyworthy websites, your computer is easiy attacked by exploit kits, such as Nlackhole, Nuclear Pack and Redkit.

Such vulnerability is used to add add keyloggers onto susceptible computers. Make sure you have activated JAG on your Runescape account as a double insurance of your accout security, which will help keep your Runescape account safe so that won’t get your PC compromised.

To reiterate, make sure be careful of your browsing habits as the exploit is being distributed through untrustworthy websites. In the meantime, you should be very careful when you buy runescape account and don’t trust those players who provide free runescape account for you when you are playing.

We hope all Runescape players can continue to enjoy the Gielinor world as you have ever did.

Breakfast Topic: How to fight a holding pattern

To be honest, I found it hard to care about Delano warlord now. I think a lot of things, always in the game. I timewalking a huge fan, I enjoyed Tanaan, but now I’m really stuck in the “I want Legion” mentality. I have successfully passed a number of targets to fight this to some extent.

Shireen was unconvinced. “What about the thing in the sky? Dalla and Matrice were talking by the well, and Dalla said she

heard the red woman tell Mother that it was dragonsbreath. If the dragons are breathing, doesn’t that mean they are coming to life?

First of all, I would like to get some of my lower level alts to at least 90 before the next piece of information. I like leveling the god of war, so I do not think I would mind doing the 20 level to the largest corps, I’m just tired grind between incredible 60 to 90, I do not mind any Accordingly 1~60, so fine, but get 90 hunters and druids feel like I can take some time.

Then transmog endless pursuit. There are things that I must be on the corps, down from the Black Temple and Sunwell has evaded me for years.

However, according to Warlords itself, I feel very with it. Seen attacks like the content, but eager to move on. So, I’ll throw it to you. Do you have trouble with waiting for? What are doing to alleviate it?