iPhone Games Updates

iPhone Games Updates

20.01.2018 Off

Glu’s new fantasy title Eternity Warriors live on the App Store

Glu’s definitely hit the big time with co-op titles, leading the App Store sales with Gun Bros, an immensely fun game, then with Men vs. Machines and other titles. Well they’ve done it again, this time in the form of a melee version of Gun Bros, set in a fantasy world where you have to battle the evil forces of King Kilic.

Just as in the previously mentioned titles, the game allows multiplayer with your friends from Facebook or Gamecenter. The action is pretty sweet, the graphics are good enough to keep you entertained. It’s the sort of action that makes you smile a bit as you whack down evil mercenaries, monsters and so on.

The game has a currency system allowing you to improve your equipment as well as your weapon, and future updates will most likely bring even more such options.

If you’re a fan of Gun Bros and other such co-op games, make sure you check out Eternity Warriors, especially as it is currently Free.

“The Neverhood” might reach handheld devices soon

Most people are not familiar with the game The Nevermore. A claymation adventure title from 1996, The Nevermore was a fun experience, with terrific music and graphics, and amazingly fun gameplay.

The game belongs to the adventure “escape” genre, including some fun puzzle mini-games throughout its course.

All in all this would seem like a very refreshing title for the iDevice, and a fun game for older and newer gamers alike.

From what we gathered, at this moment, developer Blazinga Studios is negotiating for the licensing contract, so we’re definitely going to be on the lookout for more news on this title.

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