Latest Updates | Mobile Games

Latest Updates | Mobile Games

18.01.2018 Off

Classic RTS “Z” reworked and released on the App Store

Bitmap Brothers’ hit game from 1996, Z has been reworked and released onto the App Store as Z: The Game.

The popular 90’s game developed originally by Bitmap Brothers has undertaken a „modern reworking”. An absolutely awesome RTS from back in the day, Z will feature the original 20 levels found in the campaign, along with the 5 planets and 30 minutes of cut scenes. The game also features Game Center which is a definite plus.

Remade as a collaboration between Kavcom, TickTock Games, Peter Harrap and of course Bitmap Brothers, Z: The game promises to cater both to fans of the classic version of the game as well as new players.

Managing Director of Kavcom, Tony Kavanagh states „We’ve built it from scratch for touch-screen, so it’s incredibly intuitive to play, but keeps all of The Bitmap Brothers’ unique style, humour and attitude. I’m sure Z fans old and new will just love it.”

We expect this epic strategy game to live up to its classic version’s name, and the previews and info we’ve seen on the official website promise just that.

Kosmo Spin – Free App

Kosmo Spin, a high score rotating game, created by developer Simogo is currently FREE on the App Store, having had its price slashed for a short while.

The game features a funny looking alien named Nod that needs to use his noggin’ to deflect incoming projectiles from an evil (yet unbearably cute) UFO that is trying to steal the inhabitants of his planet (that happen to be shaped like sweets). It is Nod’s job to deflect said projectiles that will stun him (making him unable to rotate the planet) if they are not deflected.

When Nod turns the planet, he “collects” the inhabitants, saving them. Once he’s saved sufficient inhabitants without having the UFO beam up any of them, a special round begins, the purpose of which is to spin as fast as you can and collect as many sweets as possible.

This is a standard rotating game, with a fun and innocent sort of feel (that gave us a craving for muffins), and the sort of addiction that comes automatically with any high score-hunting game.

We hope that everyone gives this game a try, especially since it’s currently Free.