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Pro Evolution Soccer comes to iPhone as iPES – The Fan App

Okay, so we’d rather get a full iPhone adaptation of Pro Evolution Soccer than a freebie fan app, but on closer inspection iPES is actually pretty sweet.

In essence it’s a virtual Panini sticker book, and although it’s been filed under the Entertainment applications on the App Store, it’s still got a lot of value as a game.

By voting for the PES goal of the month, demonstrating your soccer knowledge in the weekly “what happens next?” video and taking the daily footie quiz you earn credits used to buy digital PES 2010 collectors cards.

These cards can then be swapped via wi-fi with other iPE users so you can complete your collection, just like you did in the school playground all those years ago. That said, it only works over local wi-fi network, which is a bit lame, and Bluetooth would allow you to do swapsies while out an about.

Diablo III was next in comprehensive variety

If you’re familiar with World of Warcraft’s complex on the internet selection data source, then you probably already stated Diablo III was next in comprehensive variety for a personality brag-board. Luckily, your keep out is over these days because a new personality details program for Blizzard’s hack-and-slash headline is now live. Movement abilities lack this prohibition, however, so you can sprint in opposite and then price your opposition, although you might have Diablo 3 Gold and a cooldown on that price ability to consider.

Citing a reorganization to concentrate on new technology and cellular growth, EA declared that it has let another round of its employees go. No organization numbers or opinions on how many were taken have been formally launched, however. The designer launched the following statement on its blog: In latest a few a few several weeks, EA has organized all elements of its company framework behind main problems in new technology and cellular. This has led to some difficult choices to reduce the employees in some locations.

We are really satisfied for the projects made by each of our employees; those that are creating EA will be skipped by their co-workers and buddies.These are hard but essential changes as we concentrate on providing excellent actions and displaying gamers all over the globe why to spend their time with us.A Gamasutra source said that the EA Affiliates posting item has been eliminated in the reorganization, although them it was managing are still in the works.