The Latest News About iPhone Games

The Latest News About iPhone Games

05.01.2018 Off

Snowball Run by Clickgamer released on App Store

Clickgamer‘s latest title, Snowball Run is a bit of a deviation from usual running games. While not many details are known yet, the game is supposed to hit the US App Store later today, having already been released on the NZ store.

While your usual run of the mill running game is a landscape sidescroller, Snowball Run is a portrait vertical scroller, with the visual effect that your main character is running towards the camera. Did we mention that you play as a Yeti being chased by a giant Snowball yet?

Well, you do. You’ll be running into obstacles such as rocks, trees, birds, other Yetis (or is it Yeti? does it have plural? Who the hell knows?) that you need to either avoid or flick away by tapping. You’ll also be seeing power ups in the form of icecream cones that can restore health, and dynamite sticks that can blow the snowball back.

Snuggle Truck receives 1.5 update – Level editing and 24 hour price drop !!!

Snuggle Truck, the popular physics based driving game from Owlchemy Labs has just received it’s 1.5 update. This update not only contains a BUNCH of new and fun stuff, but it also brings about a 24 hour price drop to 69p / 99c / 79€.

The update contains a bunch of fixes for the game, a bit more polish to the graphics for higher resolution, more achievements, and what we expect will be a hugely popular level editor.

You can use this level editor to create new levels with the desert, forest or underground themes, change the layout, add special obstacles and decorations, and whatever else you can imagine. You can then upload your newly created level to an online database/hub. This database contains levels created by everyone, so you can share the levels you’ve personally designed with friends, or play the levels that they have created.

If you’ve been a fan of Snuggle Truck for a while now like we have, you will absolutely love this update, and if you’re considering buying the game, then now is definitely the moment. Act quickly, or you will miss out on the price drop!